Boy Status in English

My attitude is my unique gift which I am not obliged to explain to anyone.

Your attitude almost always determines your altitude in life.

My attitude based on how you treat me.

Our life are defined by opportunities Even the ones we miss.

It s sad when you realize you aren t as important to someone as you thought you were.

You make me feel like I m going in spirals  I don t know what to do.

I m missing something in my life these days.

It s very sad to be happy alone without sharing.

I hate it when crying is the only way to feel better sad.

heart My pain is yours nowadays live with both.

Never be sad for what is over just be glad that it was once yours.

I am sorry for all the things that made you sad and ashamed I am sorry for all the things that didn t do I am sorry for everything wrong That I have ever done.

I miss you so much hope you miss me too.

I hate you because you make me hate you.

girls r just like Rubik s cubes boys r still trying to figure them out.

I universe, 8 planets, 192 countries, 189, 497 islands, 85 seas, 7 billion people & I m still single.

80% of boys have girlfriends Rest 20% are having brain.

I love you even when I hate you.

Love isn t complicated people are.

Love has no age no limit and no death.

Love is that which can never explained.

Love in Life make the life beautiful.

Love planted a rose and the world turned sweet.

Though the feeling has not passed sad to say our love did not.

So far every moment we ve spent together has been awesome But I promise you that the best is yet to come I love you.