Facebook Status in English

I don’t care for your melting knows, I am who I am. And you can’t stop me who I wanna be.

Education is the most powerful weapon; you can use to change the world.

In today’s world, the key to success is to delete your Face book account.

In the end you will see whose fake, who’s true and who would risk it all for you. And trust me, some people will totally surprise you.

hates when someone tries to hide things from you yet tells you to trust them.

The hardest part is saying goodbye, but in order to get to the rainbow you must go through the storm.

Bitch, I will punch you by accident on purpose.

I am who I am. I do things the way I want to. There s a reason for what I do and I don’t owe you an explanation. If you don’t like it there’s the door.

When I was kidnapped, my parents snapped into action They rented out my room.

I believe there should be a better way to start each day  instead of waking up every morning.

I always dream of being a millionaire like my uncle He’s dreaming too.

I may not be perfect, but I’m the best you’ll ever have you’ll realize it the day i stop coming back.

You either live in love or die, there is no way in between.

I am single because god is busy writing to best love story for me.

Never forget to say I love you if you love someone b’coz you’ll never know when it might be the last time.

Sometimes people don’t realize what they are made of until someone shows them how amazing they really are.

My ‘last seen at’ was just to check your ‘last seen at’.

People ask how I’m doing, I say “I’m fine” and smile a nice shy smile. Are you really stupid? Or am I just a really good actress.

Sometimes we cant choose the music life gives us but we can definitely choose how we dance.

God does not make mistakes but he does miracles. I am one. You are too.

My life isn’t perfect, but it does have perfect moments. The best gift a guy can give his girlfriend: his time, his attention and his love.