Good Night Status in English

Sweet Dreams Sleep Tight, I love you & Good Night.

Always end the day with a positive thought and grateful heart. Good Night.

Love is the simpler feelings, I dream every night abut you I want to capture your heart  I love you.

Every night I love coming back home. Because home is being in your arms. Good night my love.

Goodnight moon goodnight you when you’re all that i think about all that i dream about.

If you feel Little bored, Little sick, Little lost, Little sad, You know whats wrong? Your suffering from lack of Vitamin Me! Good Night.

I wish i never wake up from my dream because i’m dreaming of you babe. Goodnight.

Touch your heart, close your eyes. Make a wish, say goodnight.

Sky so wide, stars so bright, off the lights, sleep so tight. Good Night.

Good night, sleep tight. I will be dreaming of you with all my might.

Good night. Sweet dreams. Take care. See you.

Let the sweetest person come to your dreams tonight, but do not make it a habit because I’m not free every night. Good Night.

Night is a Theater, Dream is a Movie, God is the Director, Nature is the Producer, Your the Hero ‘Enjoy’ the night with Sweet Dreams.

I wish moon always be full & bright and U always be cool & right. Whenever U go to switch off the light, Remember that I’m wishing U Good Night.

My day won’t certainly be over for I have something left to do. I just couldn’t sleep yet without saying I love you. Good Night.

One day, I shall rule the world, until then I am going to bed. Good Night.

And tonight I will fall asleep, with you in my heart.

Phones are better than girlfriends, at least we can switch them off.

I’m in my bed, and You’re in yours, one of u is in the wrong place.

Good Night Real World, Hello Dream World.

Sleep Solves Everything. Good Night.

the wind to blow away your stress and the twinkle stars to guide you the way.Good Night.

Think of all the good moments of this day and keep a smile for tomorrow Good night.

Good night, nice dreams, love and peace.