Waqt Status in English

The good times are only after bad times.

It seemed that it would take time to change life. . But what would have changed, the changing life will change life.

Every person is good at times it makes him bad.

When the time is changed the war weakens weak.

To say all of them are here, but there is no face to face at the moment.

A defect of time: The good times are finished, but a good time of bad times, that is the end of the seed.

As time goes on good or bad may change: So do not do something wrong at the right time that people should leave with you in the wrong time.

Old memories should not be handled and should not be entertained by any stranger, because things also change with time, and they also help us.

Na To Tum Bure Sanam Na Hi Hum Bure Hain, Kuchh Kismat Buri Hai Kuchh Waqt Bura Hai.

When your name comes to Juban, you do not know why the heart smiles, there is someone in your mind who remembers all the time while laughing.

The curtains of the eyes also diminished due to the diminished curtains. . Do not know whose fault it is time is bad or bad we are.

It is the time to pray that after arranging a mahfil, we again pay tribute to them, then their talk goes on. Time and circumstances are changed only, people are left, people fall apart.