Waqt Status in English

By fighting for the time, who changes his destiny, the person who changes his fortune, what will happen tomorrow, do not think, know tomorrow, change your picture tomorrow.

When the time is changed  the war weakens weak.

Life has also started appearing unnecessarily, it is also time to realize the faintness of the moment.

Just live on the principles of life, the time is changing, we are also changing.

Both times and circumstances are never the same in the life of a human being, yet the person’s life changes, and there is no time to change the situation.

At the moment, asking if any wounds really get filled up.

Wait a moment, wait for your mother-in-law to take my mom’s life for a few moments.

Whenever Anjaame Mohabbat gave the call to himself, the time presented to us like the examples.

Their mention of their tamna is their memory, how precious is it to be today, tomorrow.

At the time when I see the light of the moon every day I see you everyday.

A zugnoo said I am with you too at the time of this mist you see the light.

It is better for the man to keep the integrity of time.

The decision can probably not be done at any time who speaks the truth, who is the actor.

We are sitting in the Tham, we are also alive, we get it when we meet them.

Who knows what time he wrote, fortunately, our time also stopped after a moment.

The pain only becomes sympathetic. At that time, when one does not hesitate to ignore himself, then no one.

Give the expensive watch all over, but do not give any difficult time to anyone.

There is no time left to live, there is also a habit of habit.

Hope is the biggest support time, if the grass is encouraged, then there is the edge in every moment! At night the punctuality of the time will be lost, see how much is the journey of pastures.