Waqt Status in English

Changing the time does not have as much trouble as anyone does by changing oneself.

But we will force you to change anything at the right time.

When your name comes to Juban, you do not know why the heart smiles, there is someone in your mind who remembers all the time while laughing.

The curtains of the eyes also diminished due to the diminished curtains. . Do not know whose fault it is time is bad or bad we are.

It is the time to pray that after arranging a mahfil, we again pay tribute to them, then their talk goes on. Time and circumstances are changed only, people are left, people fall apart.

You tell me a life, what will happen to this life, those who die every moment, there is no time to live.

Neither you are bad restraint nor we are bad, some luck is bad  some time is bad.

Time bounces to Noor heals small scars who wants to be away from their own, but time compels everyone.

It is very important to talk at the right time in life otherwise the thing can worsen.

If you cry, then you will remain moist on your eyes. Life will be the name of the living. It is not that you will not be able to live without life. But in life there will be a shortage of your time.

Disadvantages gives life to death, so people are denouncing it.

The moment does not come to know with their own  but their friends are aware of it.

One thing in Burre’s time is good  that also passes.

At the same time different for every person if it is good for someone  it is bad for someone.